Watch: Mark Zuckerberg’s New Metaverse Avatars Look More Human Than Him
Mr. Lizard Man always making moves.
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Words by Amar Gera October 20, 2022

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Tech giant Mark Zuckerberg’s obsession with the Metaverse continues to strengthen, with the controversial billionaire now unveiling the latest iteration of the platform’s digital avatars…

The reveal came during the company’s annual Meta Connect conference, where Zuckerberg showed off his virtual self, and it somehow looks far more human than him. Framed from the chest up, the demonstration showed an artificial representation of Zuckerberg explaining how the technology worked, however, it looks so lifelike that you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s the real thing.

However, once the avatars entered each other’s vicinity, their quality quickly reverted to something out of an old school Wii or Xbox 360 console, but with updated facial expressions and legs, the latter being a point Meta has doubled down on. During the showcase, Zuckerberg also announced that the new creations would be available to use on a wide range of apps, listing Instagram, Zoom, WhatsApp and more as early adopters of the new tech. 

The update comes following Zuckerberg’s repeated attempts to drum up buzz for the Metaverse over the past year, with the tech juggernaut going so far as pouring over $10 billion USD ($16 billion AUD) into its development. It’s culminated in widespread mockery of the 38-year-old online, with one user hilariously tweeting, “It’s really funny that each time the internet bullies Zuckerberg over his avatar he rebuilds his metaverse from the ground up just to make a new avatar only to get bullied again.

Still, it looks like that the Zuck is hell bent on making his own virtual reality come to life. Check out the unveiling of his latest avatar tech below.

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