Watch: NFT Lord Beeple Gifts Joe Rogan An Elon Musk NFT
Two worlds colliding.
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As the masses continue to hop aboard the ever-bustling NFT train, podcast giant Joe Rogan himself has made an entry into the crypto world, and he’s done so with the help of Beeple…

It’s a clash of titans; the world’s most famous podcaster sitting down with NFT star Beeple for a three hour chat on all things crypto and everything else going on in the world. You’d think that the two would make quite an unusual pair, but contrary to our expectations, the two actually had a pretty interesting conversation, so much so that Beeple gifted Joe an Elon Musk NFT while recording.

For a bit of context before we dive into the clip, Beeple is one of the biggest NFT artists in the world, bursting onto the scene in March this year when his infamous JPG NFT sold for $69 million USD (around $97 million AUD).

The clip starts off a bit awkward if we’re honest, Beeple gifting Joe some NFT-themed underwear, all before he lugs over a huge white box with the Elon Musk artwork nestled inside. The rest of the video sees Beeple explain to Rogan how to set it up (almost similar to how you’d explain how to use an iPhone to your grandparents), before Joe mispronounces “Dogecoin” and a million other crypto terms.

Needless to say, now that Joe Rogan himself owns an NFT, the digital artworks are clearly here to stay. Check out Beeple and Joe setting the metaverse alight below.

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Words by Amar Gera December 15, 2021
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