The World’s Priciest NFT Just Sold For Over $100 Million AUD
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Words by Amar Gera December 9, 2021

Once again, NFTs have seized the headlines, the world’s most expensive NFT just selling for over $100 million AUD…

The sale came via NFT platform Nifty Gateway, with NFT artist Park debuting Merge, a fluid, constantly evolving digital artwork. Upon immediate release over 28,000 collectors bought into the piece, spending over $90 million USD ($125 million USD) to cop 266,434 pieces of mass, the term Pak has coined for a piece of the NFT.

It may seem a bit abstract, even for the NFT universe, but it seems like this is about to be the new norm, with NiftyGateway explaining with the listing “Pak, the creator of Open Editions, returns with a new mechanism. You may acquire as many mass units as you desire during the 48 hours sale. You’ll get a dynamic NFT with your accumulated mass.”

Now, to slam you with some numbers, when the sale first went live last week, each piece of Mass costed $575 USD (with existing Pak owners getting an early discount of $299). For those who went ham with their crypto-wallets and invested in the double digits, for every ten mass bought, they got one for free. And for the serious heavy-hitters, for every purchase of 1000 mass, they’d get 300.

It’s definitely a new way of purchasing NFTs, and judging by how hard everyone is clamouring over the new drop, it’s safe to say it’s unlikely that Merge will be the last of it’s kind. Check out the world’s most expensive digital artwork below.

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