Alex Kittoe
Frames 2m

Green forests and sleek exteriors in this week’s Frames.

Warmly familiar, Alex Kittoe’s Frames feel like a memory. While Alex’s shots are specific to his Missouri and Denver residence, there’s an intimate quality to the 35mm that feels universal, like they’re taken from your past lakeside holiday. 

“The world seems to stop for a second when I am out shooting, the only thing I am focused on is getting the shot and there is something very peaceful about that,” Alex says. 

Alex started out in his junior year with a Sony A6000, and although he enjoys digital photography, he shoots mostly on film. Snapping an eclectic range of scenes from quiet suburbia to minimal architecture, Alex isn’t tied down to any one particular style. 

“I take inspiration from different places and go through phases with my photography. I take pretty consistent landscape photos but the style really depends on where I am taking [them],” Alex says. 

Elsewhere, Alex shoots live events and editorials, but his selected Frames are a more simplistic affair. One shot of a high-flying gondola strung above rolling hills perfectly captures the overall feeling of Alex’s portfolio; a slow-going and breezy trip through some seriously stunning landscapes. 

“[I enjoy] the peace of mind I get when I am out exploring with a camera… It’s so fun to see a photo come together exactly the way that you imagined it and it is very rewarding. It’s really fun to create and show others the world through my eyes,” he says. 

See the world through Alex’s eyes in his Frames below, and head here to follow him on Instagram.  


Words by Tom Disalvo December 2, 2021
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