Frames: Andrew Lowndes
Beaches and babes.
January 22, 2020

It’s always sunny in this week’s edition of Frames.

With a portfolio that is rich with turquoise blues/greens of tropical oceans and artful shots of bikini models, it seems that Northern Beaches photographer has been cherry-picking some of the best work the field has to offer.

Picking up a camera back in 2011 with a trusty Canon Rebel T3i, the now 32-year-old has seemingly avoided the many pitfalls of shooting mainly outdoors that we often hear about from snappers in Frames. His worst experience? “Had my fresh white Connies get washed away with high tide on a beach shoot, haha, I’ve been pretty fortunate to this point!” he says.

In spite of having charmed career so far, the happy-go-lucky shooter hasn’t lost any passion for the craft. “The people and places I haven’t got to yet, the future is always exciting,” he says. “Shooting the LA Lakers courtside and partying with Lebron after the game! Haha nah, this hasn’t happened yet but I’m doing my best to manifest this thing!”

Follow the links to see more of Andrew’s work on Instagram and website, and check out some of his select snaps below:

Wind Swept, Dubai

Sun Drenched

Stare Off with Marsi

Spilt Views, Tahiti

Shelley Beach, Sydney

Golden Girl, Natalia

Peach and Creme

Morning Swim with Rosy

Laid Back Lacey

Lady in the Red Hat

Jurassic Falls, Kauai

Jay Escaping The Heat Wave

Indo Love, Bali

Home Turf, Sydney

Grab Shell Dude, Hawaii

Easy Riders

Easy Reading

Early Shadows

Belly Of The Best

Netflix and Chill

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