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Ayla Starace shares some of her finest from the studio.

Celebrating the female form and energy, Gold Coast photographer Ayla Starace’s body of work proves that she knows how to nail a mood. Picking up a camera a decade ago, when she was only 15, she’s shot a range of subjects, but always found herself being pulled back to capturing feminine elegance.

“I’ve always gravitated to shooting beautiful and strong women, I never really stopped to contemplate whether I had a preference or specific style but it is quite evident just looking through my portfolio that I definitely do prefer to shoot women in incredible cities/studios/fashion,” she says.

Her skills and style drew her towards bigger fish than the Australian fashion industry. “I had the opportunity to move to Milan, Italy to pursue my dreams in the creative industry,” she says. “I was originally booked to spend three months abroad but I absolutely fell in love with the city and creative opportunities that I ended spending four years living there. It still to date has been one of the craziest and most incredible experiences to shape my life – personally as well as career-wise.”

Unfortunately, there’s always a few bad apples in every batch. “I’ve had some shocking experiences with models, just rude and abrupt… entitled kind of people but honestly I could probably count on one hand how many poor experiences I’ve encountered in the 10 years I’ve been taking photos. It’s such an incredible, creative and positive experience 90% of the time!”

Peep some of Ayla’s tastiest snaps below and head here to follow her on Instagram:

September 3, 2020
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