Chris McCoy
Looks like a million bucks.
Frames 6m

Hitch a ride in candy-coloured whips in our boujee-ist Frames to date. 

Chris McCoy’s Frames are a luxurious piece of work. In almost every shot, the native Kentuckian manages to squeeze in some exxy relic that boosts the visual lavishness of his frames, and the result is a portfolio that looks a million bucks. Whether its a fedora-wearing Chevrolet driver or a futuristic kerbside diner, Chris keeps a money-hungry eye on the big budget lifestyles of his current residence in Miami, Florida. 

And while Florida is known mostly for its balmy beachside antics, Chris’ view of the Everglade state is one darkened by the cloak of night. In this light, neon street signs and Lamborghini headlights shine, covering the suburbs in the blazing sheen of an after-hours arcade. Chris first used the Canon Rebel to capture this night vision, and with it, he’s refined his practice as a night owl since high school circa 2011; “I really prefer anywhere that’s lit up with lights and in the middle of nowhere,” Chris says. 

But it’s under the Floridian moonlight that Chris’ candy-coloured whips really pop- so much so that you can almost hear the bounce of a trap beat blasting from an expensive-sounding subwoofer. Elsewhere, Chris ups the ante with a shot of a pilot revving the engines of his private jet, with its door swung open as if to welcome you into a first-class life. Even though Chris cites this high-flying behaviour as one of his craziest experiences, his favourite thing about photography remains a lot more grounded, literally.  

“[The craziest thing was] flying on a PJ, but being able to do what I love while the camera takes me across the globe is probably the craziest of them all,” he says. 

Despite all this travel, Chris still has his eye on the great unknown, acknowledging that his favourite shoot location is one he “probably [has] not been to yet. So until then, I will keep moving,” he says. 

For more of Chris’ work, check out the gallery below, and head here to follow him on Instagram.

Words by Tom Disalvo April 29, 2021
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