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London-based photographer Isha Shah puts her own spin on music photography.

As you can see from a collection of her choice snaps, Isha Shah has a clear passion for live music. For the 22-year-old it was her gateway to becoming a photographer, a gig that not only gave her access to artists but also allowed her to work creatively in the editing room.

“I first started taking photos when I was about 16 years old in sixth form. Our media course revolved around live music so from there we had to make a magazine and music video. I had always been a fan of gigs and used to go to at least one a week, sometimes everyday,” Isha says. “It became a perfect place to practice and expand my craft, it only really clocked when I was in my second year at University studying Music Journalism that I wanted to make something of it.”

Looking to her life experiences as a source of creative encouragement, Isha tends to travel often and enjoys shooting the various faces and places that she comes across. “Anyone who considers themselves a creative and creates art from that desire or hunger is someone I’d likely to be inspired by,” she says.

Check out some of Isha’s photos below and head here to follow her on Instagram:

April 18, 2019
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