Jacopo Lancioni
Frames 7m

Captured on 35mm.

There are certain risks for a photographer who shoots on 35mm. Unlike digital cameras, you can’t simply hold your finger down and shoot hundreds of shots within seconds, you have to capture the moment perfectly. There’s no display screen to check after each snap either, meaning you can only hope it turned out right as you send the film away to be processed. It can often be pretty tragic when it doesn’t, but when it does, as seen in Jacopo Lancioni’s portfolio below, the results are incredible.

Born and raised in Italy’s Ostia, a quiet beachy town 20 mins from Rome, Jacopo moved to Sydney six years ago after finishing a visual arts degree, partially to get closer to good quality surf beaches. It was here that his love of photography and the expression it offers turned into more of a career than a hobby.

“I have always been taking pictures for fun but I started doing it professionally when I started working in fashion about five years ago,” he says. “I have been shooting a lot of commercial work but the turning point came when I fell in love with film photography a couple of years ago.”

Being a photgrapher comes with a level of freedom and offers opportunites to see the world – perks of his craft that he values most. “I think one of the reasons why I moved from design to photography is that at some point in my life I realize the importance of traveling and meeting new faces in order to create great content which is something that I would never be able to achieve in front of a laptop screen,” he says.

A frequent contributor to LWA’s Tuesday Without segment, Jacopo has found an affinity with exploring the female form. “I love shooting whatever I consider ‘aesthetically pleasing.’ Most of the time I shoot girls portraits but also a lot of places and objects. I try to take pictures of things that really happened and try to avoid telling people what to do and how to pose.”

Check out a selection of his finest snaps below and head here to follow him on Instagram:

Lemon Tree

90’s Bath

Shades of Blue – Kasia

Fast Car

Wasn’t Looking

Contemporary Cowboys

Segregation – Roberta Pecoraro

At Peace – Chaline


Earthy – Leila

Summer Flow

Windy – Neve


Iconic – Brooke

Gap – Susa

At Home – Susa



80s Blues

Escape – Milly

April 30, 2020
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Frames: Andrew Lowndes
Beaches and babes.