Frames: Ming Nomchong
Sun, buns, and fun.
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Ming Nomchong certainly knows how to make us pine for summer.

When you look at Byron Bay-based photographer Ming Nomchong’s photos it quickly becomes clear that there’s an intimacy between her, her models, and their environment. It’s as if the camera is an extension of her mind’s eye and she is letting observe how she visually interprets a situation. It makes sense, given how long she’s been shooting for. “I can’t remember not taking photos,” Ming says. “I did it at school and then at uni and it’s just continued on and on…”

Her talents have seen her travel the world, working with huge names in the fashion industry – perks that she is grateful for. “My whole career has been one big crazy amazing experience,” she says. “The fact that I’ve been able to do the things I do and have been the places I’ve been with work still boggles me. I feel really lucky to be able to do what I love.”

Check out a selection of some of Ming’s finest snaps below and head here to follow her sun-kissed Instagram:

A swim shoot with friends that ended up being a nude beach shoot

India Rose for Rollas

My mate Carly loves cartwheels.

Leila Thomas and Zoe Cross post shoot nude beach swim

Cami Piazza and her inner 70’s child

Cami again on a rainy day for Chasing Unicorns

Josh and Holly in my 70’s flower child dream – for Jute Magazine

Georgia at the beach for Sea Bones Byron Bay

A massive crew for the Christmas campaign for Tree of Life. This was a huge day but so worth it.

My mate Leila in the hills of Ojai California. We trespassed into a commune to frolic in the long grass and got busted and kicked out. This was just before.

Loli Watson for Tree Of Life

Montana as a real life water fairy

Montana and her sun bum

Aasiya making shapes for Paradiso Magazine

India and Vinny for Rollas

and again for Rollas shot in a mates backyard in Ewingsdale

Montana and her sunshine in Byron

Victoria for Spell somewhere in the French countryside

Twins Meg and Alise floating in Brunz river for Tree Of Life

Water babies Meg and Alise.

Words by Jack Bennett June 27, 2019
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