Judith Sayrach
Floating on air.
Frames 1m

Scrolling through Judith Sayrach’s work is like floating on air…

Born in Barcelona, Judith has spent seven years scouring rugged coastlines and endless horizons, with a birdseye view of the skies. There’s a tranquil consistency to her portfolio- with pastel hues and idyllic natural landscapes that almost feel like a form of meditation- and yet, Judith has toyed with multiple cameras to streamline this calming aesthetic. 

“My first steps in photography were more analogue, with a Nikon F60 reflex camera. Soon my curiosity made me want to experiment with other cameras such as Holga, Diana and Polaroid… These allowed me to play with colours and create double or multiple exposures,” Judith says. 

These days, Judith uses digital mediums like her iPhone 11, a choice which enhances the ultra-crisp colouring of her shots. If the natural world, from towering sand dunes to mid-sea rock formations, is Judith’s canvas, then the interplay of light is her paint. Whether it’s a crescent moon tinged by pink clouds or a flock of birds splashed by sunlight, Judith’s colour palette feels like it’s been ripped from the heavens themselves.

“I always try to convey an air of dreaminess with emphasis on colour and light. Since I was little I have felt very connected to nature and my favourite landscapes to photograph are seascapes, lonely trees, sunsets and their magical colour and flocks of birds,” Judith says. 

While these everyday inspirations might be otherwise unnoticeable, it’s Judith’s eye for their other-worldly magic that gives her work the quality of a daydream. No shot is overcrowded, and this minimalist approach allows the bare beauty of nature to speak for itself. 

“I think that my minimalist vision is the result of my graphic design studies. I learned to look at things in more detail and to observe what surrounded me in a different way,” she says. 

Be one with nature in Judith’s full Frames portfolio below, and head here to follow her on Instagram.


Words by Tom Disalvo August 19, 2021
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