Lorenzo Mitil
“I love the idea of reliving the slices of life I captured through the camera.”
Words by Tom Disalvo May 25, 2022

We travel from coast to coast in this week’s NYC via California Frames. 

Hailing from New York, photographer Lorenzo Mitil’s portfolio is as eclectic as his hometown suggests. One of the world’s most populous cities, there’s endless inspirations to be found within the big apple, and Lorenzo credits the versatility of his work to that of his hometown in Queens, a cityscape he first captured with a Canon EOS Elan. “I would walk around New York City and look for anything I found inspiring; architecture, cityscapes, street style.”

This broad photographic vision is reflected in Lorenzo’s portfolio, which traces him everywhere from runway shows to the backstages of a DJ set. So diverse is his work that Lorenzo rightfully deems it “lifestyle photography,” documenting the everyday without prescribing to a limiting ‘style.’ “It’s a mix of intimate moments from traveling, friends, family and how I see the world. I like to have a little bit of everything in my work,” he says. 

The result is a storied portfolio that’s equally at home in the natural world as it is in concrete jungles. Shots of the desert sit cohesively aside the quiet of suburbia- a change of scenery afforded by Lorenzo’s bicoastal travels. “My favourite place to shoot is Palm Springs, California. As someone who lives in New York City, the change of scenery is inspiring…It’s a change of pace from what I’m used to,” he says. 

Lorenzo’s non-native perspective of the Golden State allows him to capture its scenery with a unique flair. All the Californian staples are there – from a towering line of palm trees to a pair of sandy beach-goers – but Lorenzo is just as focused on the state’s inhabitants. These muses, from up-close portraits to panoramic landscapes, account for some of Lorenzo’s favourite photography moments. 

“I’ve also met so many great people through photography…I am passionate about photography because it allows me to create a timeless image that can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere. When I take a picture, I am able to freeze a special moment in time and share it with the world and make people feel like they are right there with me,” he says. 

Get a glimpse of Lorenzo’s work in the Frames portfolio below, and head here to follow him on Instagram. 



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