Lucy Bohr
"I love catching everyday moments, the simple things in life."
Words by Tom Disalvo June 2, 2022

Lucy Bohr’s Frames could be read as a loosely threaded storybook. 

Based in Berlin, the 27-year-old photographer defines her style somewhere “between travel, lifestyle and portrait,” and while they’re fitting descriptors, Lucy’s work is more concerned with storytelling than any specific genre. 

Offering vignettes of life’s unfolding stories – from a tenant fetching her mail to a senior couple enjoying the ocean –  Lucy says she likes to “catch everyday moments [and] the simple things in life.” It’s the sort of blink and you’ll miss it moments that often go overlooked by an untrained eye, but Lucy captures them with intimacy and narrative weight. 

Her shots of a kerbside cigarette smoker or a pair of sunlit beach-goers seem to tell bigger stories, about where her subjects are going or just how they ended up in front of the lens. This eye for the cinematic was first discovered with Lucy’s debut camera, and what later refined throughout her various travels, which she cites as her favourite thing to document. 

“My Mum gifted me a Rollei 35SE when I was about 13 years old. That was my start with film photography. [Since then,] I love shooting people while traveling. Traveling is what fuels me and I love to document different faces when exploring,” Lucy says.

A lesser photographer might be distracted by typical tourist spots, but Lucy instead zooms in on the people who frequent them. Her glimpses of early morning coffee drinkers and skateboarders read like a local’s guide across her travels, and offer a more personable insight into wherever she roams. 

It’s Lucy’s portraits that best define her work, and it’s why she counts her human subjects as one of the most enjoyable parts of her career. And just as her work captures life’s changes from moment to moment, so too has Lucy’s own vision been changed by her work. “[I enjoy] getting to know the people I shoot [and] seeing life through a lens. Since I started taking photos, I now perceive my surroundings completely differently,” Lucy says. 

Catch all of Lucy’s Frames below, and head here to follow her on Instagram. 

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