Marc Llewellyn
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Words by Tom Disalvo //

From pole to pole in this week’s edition of Frames.

For born-and-bred Gold Coast resident Marc Llewellyn, photography has always been about the scenic experience of nature and its locals. Raised on a headland in Burleigh, the 36 year-old relishes the bursts of life and culture emanating any given landscape; a passion Marc first captured in 2005 when Canon first released the Powershot S2.

A veteran backpacker with an eye on the great unknown, Marc quit his job of eight years in 2017 and began life as a wanderer; combining his interest in minority cultures and photography to document faraway corners of the globe. The resulting portfolio is one of pure wanderlust; a travel bag-sized collection of riverside cheetahs in Botswana en route to photogenic tribespeople in Namibia.

Speaking of his travels, Marc says he’s “developed..the burning desire to get lost in the world and collect some honest, challenging and unfiltered experiences.There’s nothing more life-affirming than getting out of your comfort zone and being that strange foreigner in someone else’s world.”

But the life of a vagabond doesn’t come without its perils. Marc remembers being greeted by machete-wielding villagers in the Mentawai jungle, and narrowly dodging sharks during a feeding frenzy on the Ningaloo reef. It seems the rewards of capturing nature’s thrills more than outweighs the risks, and Marc’s philosophy on his inspirations resonates in the fearlessness of his own work. “[I’m inspired by] people throwing caution to the wind and chasing their passions,” he says.

Strap yourself in for Marc’s snaps below, and head here to follow him on Instagram.

Words by Tom Disalvo January 28, 2021
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