Marco Di Stefano
Words by Tom Disalvo October 21, 2021

Soak up the Spanish sun…

Even though international travel is somewhat of a pipedream these days, Marco Di Stefano’s globetrotting Frames are the next best thing. A one-way ticket to the coasts of Italy and Spain, Marco’s shots brim with all the yellow-tinted vibrance of a summer vacation, so warm you could almost catch a second-hand tan. 

Fittingly, Marco has embarked on his own fair share of travels. The 35 year-old relocated from Adelaide to Berlin in 2013, and at some point along the way, he stumbled upon what would be his first travel-documenter; a Pentax K1000. 

“I was studying graphic design and was doing some freelance work. One of my first clients was a photographer and in lieu of payment, she gave me her old analog camera,” Marco says.

With it, Marco took to the European streets. The staples of a Mediterranean holiday are all there- cobblestoned streets, crystal blue waters and boxy architecture stacked like Jenga. And while Marco’s coverage of these sites is the stuff of pure wanderlust, the real drawcard is his use of colour and light.

“I find I take my best photos in busy but open spaces where light has a chance to do interesting things. The main constant in all my work is that light plays a key role in the composition almost all the time,” Marco says. 

There’s no better light than natural, which Marco’s sun-drenched shots have in spades. Whether it’s shining through ferry windows in Lake Como or bathing bikinied beach-goers, the sun is a through-line of Marco’s wandering portfolio.

“When I feel most inspired is simply when I’m walking around the street. That inspiration amplifies when it’s sunny and if I’m somewhere new…Walking around a place I’m not familiar with a camera in my hand is one of the best gifts in life.”

Catch Marco’s full Frames below, and head here to follow him on Instagram.

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