Nathan Landers
Around the world in 40 frames.
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Take a trip with Newcastle-born snapper Nathan Landers.

Are you ever scrolling your feed and coming across postcard pictures of European coastlines, megacities like New York or Tokyo, scorched deserts, or tropical paradises, and you just think your life sucks (by comparison)? Well, chances are you’ve come across a pic from Burleigh Heads based snapper Nathan Landers AKA Ned Kelly, whose portfolio is the embodiment of the phrase “from where you’d rather be.”

Making colours pop, capturing that yet unseen angle of a popular tourist spot, and effortlessly switching formats from digital to 35mm are just some of the key characteristics that make Ned’s work so engaging. What’s more impressive is that the 37-year-old only picked up a camera about six years ago, and has since shown a ninja-like dedication to mastering the craft.

Once he started shooting and travelling with girlfriend Tegan, he never looked back. The two have now clocked more kms than many people do in a lifetime, with Ned’s camera always at-hand to get that shot. As any traveller will tell you, however, backpacking through foreign lands isn’t all infinity pools and sunsets – things can get sticky.

“Shitting myself shooting the Taj Mahal for Intrepid Travel,” Ned says when asked about his work experience behind the lens. “We ate at a questionable restaurant for dinner the night before, similar vibe to the restaurant in ‘Bridesmaids’ they get sick from.” But of course you take the good with the bad, when you’re living a semi-nomadic life:

“The one thing I’ll never forget is being literally face to face with a wild baby Rhino in South Africa,” he says. “The mother stood directly behind it and made sure I wasn’t there to harm her baby, that was the moment I came close to shitting myself for the second time in my life.”

Take a look at some of Ned’s fines pics below and head here to see more of his awesome work on Instagram (if you can handle the travel envy that is!).

Words by Harry Webber November 12, 2020
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