Sebastian Rodriguez
Scenes from the street.
Frames 1m

We’ve hosted San Franciscan Frames before, but with the diversity of his travels, Sebastian Rodriguez’s portfolio shines a new light on the Golden City. 

At 34 years-old, Sebastian describes himself as a nomad, originally born in Chile but now having lived everywhere from Brazil to Mexico. All known for their colourful cultures, Sebastian credits the vibrancy of his photography to the array of places he’s visited, culminating in his current residence in California. 

“[I got] the chance to live in a diverse palette of colours and cultures which informed who I am today. [I’m] currently living in San Francisco, a place where colour and culture clash and create the most beautiful snapshots,” Sebastian says. 

Having admittedly “taken/stolen” his father’s camera as a child, Sebastian has since upped his photography game with an heirloom Canon A1, with FD lenses that allow him to capture his hometown in crisp, sharp focus. A technicoloured mix of urban architecture and quiet suburbia, Sebastian’s work focuses on the ever-changing nature of street scenes. 

“I’m drawn by shape, colors and symmetry, which end up making a lot of architecture and urban landscapes my go-to subjects when I photograph. There is something unique about how light affects a specific scene, changing its meaning and it’s feeling,” he says. 

Just like the always-developing subjects he captures, which span from cherry blossom trees to pastel shop fronts, Sebastian’s fondest photography experience is also one of evolution. When revisiting his childhood home, Sebastian saw Chilean scenery in a whole new light.

“I was walking around photographing mementos and places that I passed through a hundred times growing up, and finding new meaning in places that were so mundane and transitory. It’s crazy to see how much you’ve evolved as a photographer, when you shoot the same place years apart,” he says. 

Peep all of Sebastian’s transitory scenes in his Frames portfolio below, and head here to follow him on Instagram. 


December 30, 2021
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