5 Artists To Check Out This September
Check out our list of painters, illustrators, crotechers and even a BMX rider!
Mad Love
Words by Andrew Yee September 1, 2021

The year rolls on.

Many of us have been put in a situation that has tested even the best resolves. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know when this lockdown will end and when the Delta strain will seem like a long past nightmare. However, I know artists are working from home studios and bedrooms, doing amazing work. Here are my 5 artists you should check out this September, even if it’s just a slight distraction from the bad news!

1. Chloe A Smith

Sitting in front of you is a big fluffy loaf of milk bread. Its creamy white surface, firewood brown crust, and classic packaging bring back fond memories of peaceful breakfasts past. But looking a little closer, something is off. As you lean for a inspection, you see tiny fibres of felt sticking up from each slice. What you’re seeing is a replica of the real thing; this is the work of Chloe A Smith, aka I Make Soft Food.

Smith has become renowned for her pieces which blur the line between the real and fake, questioning our ideas of authenticity within the mundane. Over the last few years, she has pushed the medium’s limits, gaining a dedicated following for her mouth dropping creations. Thanks to Smith, next time I’m in the kitchen making my lunch, I’ll be sure to look a little closer before I take a bite – just in case! 

Follow @imakesoftfood and for more click here.

2. Dvna3

When scrolling through Dvna3’s work you might find yourself whispering “how does she do it all?” with an awe-inspired accent. In a short time, she has been able to  translate her colourful voice to digital illustration, painting and even crocheting. Each of her winsome pieces is soaked with a DIY energy that makes you stare a little closer with a chipper grin. Recently she has exhibited in notable Sydney galleries and digital spaces, a highlight being her exhibition in Animal Crossing. We can’t wait to see what colourful creations Dvna3 will come up with next! 

Follow @dvna3 and see her amazing portfolio here.

3. Eric Ng 

Eric Ng is a Sydney based artist who has garnered a cult following with his mind-meltingly intricate watercolour paintings. His childhood was spent between Hong Kong and Sydney, being raised on a steady diet of basketball, drawing and sneakers. Ng’s popularity exploded in 2018 with his Sneaker Eulogy series, a tribute to the stories and nostalgia tied to kicks. With surgical precision, Ng renders the mesh, soft suede and nubuck leather in realistic detail. Recently he has begun using his talents to capture pop culture icons like Keith Haring, the Beastie Boys and even Yoda. 

Follow @perfectlynormal and take home one of his pieces here.

4. Lewis Mills 

If you can’t find Lewis Mills smashing it out on two wheels, you’ll catch him blessing a canvas. The Sydney based artist translates his furious energy behind the handlebars to the brush, creating stunning expressionist portraits of pop culture heroes. Looking through his works he has immortalized the likes of Curt Cobain, Steve Jobs and even ‘Street Jesus’ himself Jorge Masvidal. We can’t wait to see what Mills has in store next! 

 Follow @lewismillsart.

5. Rel pham

Melbourne based artist Rel Pham is one of the most original voices in the Australian art scene. Years ago, we caught up with Pham in our illustrated interview series, where we talked about his work and the frustratingly addictive Counter-Strike. Since then, he has gone from strength to strength, evolving into an artist whose work sits at the cross-section of identity, virtual theory and pop culture. His style captures a striking balance between the surreal and horrifyingly absurd. A few of his latest pieces have shown neon gates glowing in the abyss and cyborg rumbas strapped with a chromed out Glock. Trust me, that’s just the tip of the iceberg! 


Follow @rel.pham and check out more of his work here.

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