Flicking Through Vinyl With The Lazy Eyes
Presented by Jim Beam.
Off The Record
Words by Harry Webber April 17, 2020

Classics and modern underground.

It’s hard to pin precisely the genre and influences of Sydney psych quartet The Lazy Eyes. Their debut track ‘Cheesy Love Song’ had some delicious glam-meets-Beach Boys vibes, whilst their followup, the up-tempo ‘Tangerine’, is more of a Gizzy-Kinks mashup that knocks your socks right off (in the best way).

So what music turns them on? Well, it turns out the guys are into a range of artists that span decades and genres, which is quite impressive, especially given that they are just really in their budding stages of band life and, well, adult life. Clearly enjoying being lost in their own musical galaxy is what suits them, and frankly, if they keep making tunes this good, they oughta be left there to flourish.


We’re not alone in predicting some very cool things to be coming from The Lazy Eyes in the near future, and we strongly recommend you climb aboard this cosmic train ASAP too. But for, now, check out the wax pizzas that float their boat below:


Alex G – DSU (Harvey)

I think this record is more personal to me than the other boys because they weren’t really into it as much. Alex G is a pretty big influence. I like this album especially because it has a song called ‘Harvey’ on it.

It represents my teen years quite a lot. I feel like it’s an angsty record, quite emotional, and pasteable into your own life. And I think it encouraged me a little bit because his recordings aren’t always very pristine and neither is his singing. So it encouraged me to actually sing in the band because none of us are trained singers or anything


The Beach Boys – Smile (Itay)

When I first heard this, it was a lot to take in, because it’s so different from everything else. But I thought it was special because it opened up a new way of seeing how an album can work. Lots of little pieces glued together wasn’t really the standard kind of 10 songs thing. And breaking apart those instrumentals has really inspired us in terms of recording. Helped us with arrangements. Harvey got me the box set for my birthday.

I think the songs are just incredible and the singing is great. I don’t know, that was the first album that I really claimed personally… It’s kind of one big song in a way cause everything is pretty seamless. But there’s a song called ‘Wonderful’, which has a really interesting chord progression and just great singing.


Andy Scahuf – The Party (Blake)

I guess when I entered the band, the other boys had a lot of more musical influences and they introduced me to this one. I think I resonated with this just in terms of his songwriting. I can see it in like Itay’s songwriting now, but the whole album is like one story and they connected. My favorite song is called ‘Early To The Party’.


Stevie Wonder – Songs InThe Key Of Life (Noah)

I think this influenced me just because it was the first bit of music that I was introduced to when I was really young, by my grandfather. I’ve always loved Stevie and he was the first artist I ever saw live. This album just kind of changed my life. In terms of the Motown references and the grooves and the songwriting on it. It’s just so soulful and interesting. My favorite track on it is, ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ – that was the first track that resonated with me. Even at a young age.


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