Off The Record: Charm Of Finches Share The Vinyl Behind Their New Album ‘Marlinchen In The Snow’
A must listen.
Off The Record
Words by Tom Disalvo April 24, 2024

Charm Of Finches’ third album has finally arrived.

Having had a few days to process Charm Of Finches’ new LP, Marlinchen In The Snow, we can confirm that’s its everything we’ve come to expect from the folk duo. Whimsical and immersive, over the course of the LP’s 11 tracks, we’re on a surreal journey that reckons with heartbreak, self-discovery and triumph.

Mabel and Ivy’s vocals interweave flawlessly, creating a tapestry that enriches the gothic undertones of the LP, which the band are clearly aware of having long incorporated Renaissance-style imagery with their artwork and covers. Close your eyes and let them transport you to a place far far away:

We caught up with the duo to chat about their favourite wax pizzas below, check it out!

Mabel’s Pick:

Laura Veirs – Year Of Meteors

Laura Veirs is one of my favourite songwriters and this album evokes such a dreamy celestial world. It just makes me just want to twirl in the loungeroom when it’s on the turntable! I’m always inspired by her whimsical lyricism. This was a record we referenced a fair bit when recording our upcoming album in Nova Scotia, Canada with our producer Daniel Ledwell. There are some great swirly and whirring sounds in there! Favourite song is Galaxies.

Adalita – Inland

We first met Adalita when we were 12 and 15 years old. She and Clare Bowditch played a show at The Corner Hotel, Richmond and we won a competition where we covered one of Clare’s songs and then got to get on stage and sing it with her. We were so tiny on that stage! That’s when we saw Adalita perform for the first time. She then became a great songwriting mentor and also videographer for our early music videos!

Now we’re old friends and regularly get up and sing backing vocals for her which is so much fun. She is the queen of soaring choruses that you wanna sing at the top of your lungs! We love the moody atmosphere of this record. Favourite songs – Abandoned Houses and Private Feeling.

Ivy’s Pick:

Bob Dylan – The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan

We grew up on Bob Dylan because our Dad has always been a mega fan! He’d play us every bootleg he could get his hands on and every Sunday morning we’d wake bleary-eyed to the sound of ‘Theme Time Radio Hour with your host Bob Dylan’ . As kids we found his voice a bit grating but soon in our teen years began to love him and truly appreciate the genius of his writing. This is my personal favourite album of his. It’s hard to pick a favourite song since there’s so many classics but I do love ‘Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right’.

Aldous Harding – Party

Where do I even begin with Aldous Harding? This album is such free artistic expression, the poetry of her lyrics are so surreal and make so much sense on some primal, and dreamlike level. The fearlessness and passion in her voice draws you right in to her world where you discover something new with every listen. This record reminds us to be bold and tap into the subconscious when we’re songwriting. Favourite song has got to be Horizon. Aldous is a Spunk Records alumni – we feel lucky to have Spunk releasing our record too!

Editors Pick