Off The Record: Drunk Mums Share Their Favourite Aussie Vinyl
The tunes behind 'Beer Baby'.
Off The Record
Words by Abbey Steanes March 20, 2024

We caught up with Drunk Mums’ Adam Ritchie to flick through some wax pizzas.

Having dropped about a fortnight ago, allowing us plenty of time for repeat listening, we can confirm Drunk Mums’ fourth studio album Beer Baby is chockers with everything we love about the Melburnian outfit.

Over the course of the 10 tracks the group deliver a sonic assault that’s got a Ramones-esque energy wrapped up in a cheeky Aussie blanket. A gritty look at modern day life, Beer Baby on the surface feels raw and youthful, but the undeniable catchiness of the hooks and riffs make you realise that these guys are songwriting veterans. There’s not a wasted second on the album.

Thankfully they don’t mind being in our [digital] magazine (listen to ‘Magazines’ and that reference will become mildly funny)… So we asked them about to share the vinyl that revs their engine. Check it out below and be sure to get yourself tickets to their upcoming tour (tix here / dates below)

Before we get stuck in, I just wanna say it took me way too long to figure out what to pick. I feel like my music taste is pretty broad and I was gonna pick a bunch of classics but I decided to pick my fav records that have been released by mates, all Australian and all 10/10 records.


Kel is the king of caveman rock. 10 head-to-wall garage punkers that make ya wanna drag ya knuckles on the ground in pure delight. If you like music that doesn’t take itself too seriously all while being some of the best shit ya ever heard then this is for you. He’s my son and im proud to be his father.


Released on the infamous Goodbye Boozy label this record is relentlessly catchy and tongue-in-cheek. Again we have some Garage style punk but with pace and you can feel the tension in the recording room which is funny cos ya man did it all by himself. Some of Ishkas (I mean Satans) best work by far. Best track is hard to pick but if you wanna have a laff hit Skinhead first


I had the pleasure of seeing this band play a handful of times and every time it got better. Then they quit.

Live & on record you can hear a heaving energy channelling all rock and roll greats but think if Iggy & DIo had a demon baby that they actually cared and nurtured into a divine beast of RNR. The first record I’ve ever heard that fades the last track from Side A into track one on Side B. An amazing feat


I recorded this one! A bit biased I guess but hey who cares, it rules! They master a very familiar sound found in 70’s punk n roll but with way more swagger than you’ve heard before. The tracks sweep through a grunting frontman met with melodic guitar solos that lead you straight to the pub


Ok so the fellas just released VOLUME II and no shade but this one makes me feel so nostalgic already so I gotta pick it. Think Eddy Current on speed and even more heart on the sleeve. Just saw em play live on the radio at 3RRR and they are the tightest punk band going at the moment.


Unforgiving rock & roll nightmares, Grahams’ solos are hypnotizing, Harriets’ lyrics, mesmerizing.

Seeing them open Meredith Music Festival was a huge highlight for me. Rob joined the band as he recorded this album which is an insane thing to do and love to tell people about.


One of Australia’s best Power Pop bands, they know exactly what’s up and channel the 77 Punk feel exactly. I can hear some exact rip offs with some melodies of old but I ain’t even mad, I’m singing along. Name drop fact though, its Josh & Eamon from The Chats but instead of telling people to fuck off they are asking for love.


Some of the tracks on this give me actual chills, goosebumps & make me wanna cry. In a good way. If I had to pinpoint a genre I’d call it Post-Punk but there’s something going on in that Buzzin brain of Buz that sees music in a different way.

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