Off The Record: The Dreggs Share Their Favourite Vinyl Ahead Of Aus Tour
Some classics and newbies among their faves.
Off The Record
Words by Ned Simes June 3, 2024

Image by Jordy Wydra //

Do The Dreggs listen to The Dreggs when they’re on tour…

We wouldn’t judge them if they said yes. Their debut album Caught In A Reverie is exactly the kind of music you want to be listening to as you’re shedding kms, with its perfect balance between softly strummed balladry and finger-picking indie-folk that feels like it could elevate the mood of any road trip or airport stop. It might even be powerful enough to make checking in less tedious… maybe.

Even if The Dreggs, made up of Paddy Macrae and Zane Harris, do listen to their own music a lot (and we’re not saying they do), they would just be a tear in the ocean of their streams. Currently sitting on a whopping 540K monthly listeners on Spotify, there’s no doubt that the Sunshine Coast duo have hit a chord in the hearts of young people around the world.

To celebrate the long-awaited release of the album, the duo and their band will be taking to stages across Australia and New Zealand over the coming three months. Check out the dates below, head here for tickets, and peep their favourite wax pizzas below:

Ben Howard – Every Kingdom:

“Every Kingdom” by Ben Howard is like a musical sunset, calming yet awe-inspiring. Its melodies and lyrics blend effortlessly, creating an atmosphere of pure serenity that’s perfect for those laid-back moments.

Sam Fender – Seventeen Going Under:

Sam Fender’s “Seventeen Going Under” is unbelievable! His raw vocals and punchy guitar riffs hit you right in the gut, making every track an emotional rollercoaster ride you don’t want to get off. Speaking of, Zane caught him live in Brisbane, and it was f’kin nuts!

Mumford & Sons – Babel:

“Babel” by Mumford & Sons where to start, From the foot-stomping rhythms to the heartfelt lyrics, this album is a celebration of life’s highs and lows, all wrapped up in a catchy, unforgettable package. It’s a huge inspiration for us, especially the early Mumford days.

Matt Corby – Telluric:

“Telluric” by Matt Corby is like a musical journey through the cosmos. His soulful voice and mesmerizing instrumentals transport you to another dimension, where every note feels like a revelation. Loving this album made it even more of a privilege when we got to work with Matt recently on our song “Peeps with the Goods,” which he produced and co-wrote.

City & Colour – Bring Me Your Love:

“Bring Me Your Love” by City & Colour is a testament to the power of vulnerability in music. Dallas Green’s haunting vocals and poetic lyrics invite you to dive deep into your emotions, creating a connection that’s both profound and comforting.

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