Mad Love: Atelier Motorik
Open for business!
Tiger Beer Presents
Words by Andrew Yee August 26, 2020

The question of “what’s next?” may be daunting to some. For Motorik, it’s essential.

Sydney based techno label has never shied away from pushing the boundaries. Over the years, they consistently collaborated with more artists and musicians. As a result, they have blazed their unique path through the Aussie music scene – a highlight being their festival, which we covered last year! With Covid-19putting a halt to all concrete plans, Motorik made a daring audible and have opened their first-ever brick and mortar spot, Atelier Motorik. The Darlinghurst location possesses the label’s ethos of continually evolving creativity- housing a studio, store, collaborative gallery with Babekuhl, and goods from 108warehouse.

So Bigs up to Pat and all the good people over at Motorik! Follow @motorik.recs, and @atelier.motorik to find out everything they have going on! Follow @babekuhl  to see what’s happening at the gallery,  especially if you’d like to exhibit. Follow @108warehouse and check out their carefully curated selection of goods!

Special thanks to Tiger Beer for giving is the opportunity to spotlight artists and creatives during this time, all while sipping some ice cold brews!

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