Two Thirteen-Year-Olds Hand Themselves In After The Massive Fire Yesterday In Surry Hills
The buildings are at risk of collapsing any minute.
May 26, 2023

Images via Fire and Rescue NSW/Nine //

Last night, social media was flooded with images of an inferno after a fire engulfed two abandoned heritage-listed buildings in Surry Hills yesterday, right across from Central Station.

Now, NSW Police have revealed that two thirteen-year-olds have surrendered themselves in relation to the blaze. The Police arson squad have been investigating the fire, revealing a group of young people were seen running away from the building not long after the fire began around 4pm.

Acting assistant commissioner Paul Dunstan confirmed that “two young people” handed themselves in at “two separate police stations in the late hours of last night”.

“We are speaking with these young people throughout the evening and they are now assisting police with our inquiries,” he continued. “I can further confirm we are aware of a further three or four other young people who were present during the fire.”

Street closures are currently in place on Randle Street where the buildings are at risk of collapse, which could lead to tonnes of bricks falling onto the street below, which is already covered in debris. A witness has described seeing “scared” school kids running from the fire, allegedly screaming “why are you still up there?” at someone still in the building.

Firefighters have not yet been able to access the site to determine the cause or if anyone was inside. Traffic diversions are currently in place along Elizabeth, Randle and Chalmers streets in the CBD.

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