There’s A Reason Why Android Messages Look Shit On iPhone & Apple Is Reportedly Behind It
October 18, 2022

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Definitely not the first time Apple has been accused of some shady business tactics…

If you own an iPhone (which, let’s face it, is most of us), have you ever struggled while texting with your Android owning friends? It turns out that instead of it being because Android is inferior to IOS, Apple is to blame. Specifically, the tech giant has been accused of using colour contrast to make messages from native devices more appealing, and vice versa for Android users.

To break it down a bit, the blue/white messages from iPhones provide better contrast than the green/white from non-Apple adherents, which ultimately results in better readability and ease of access. It sounds like quite a minor difference, but the green/white colour mix is apparently so bad that it scored a “very poor” on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) at 2.18, with it being especially difficult for those with visual disabilities.

The accusation is the latest in a long list of accusations against Apple, with it even being taken to court four years ago for allegedly slowing down older iPhones to encourage customers to buy newer models. So, even though this latest theory hasn’t yet been confirmed by an official body, it’s definitely not surprising. For now, check out tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee’s breakdown of the blue vs green bubble debacle below.

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